5ive Songs for Autumn

Multimedia Jones is down with Fall.

I'm Down (Fab 4)
One of many songs with the word 'down' in it. This one is from the greatest band of all time (but we can't say who or we'll get sued).

You Got To Go Down (Blind Gary)
Lots of blues musicians were blind, or at least used that term in their names. See for yourself at Playlist.com/MultimediaJones

Dark Was the Night (Blind Willie Johnson)
The days are getting shorter, what with them messing with the clocks and all.

Going Down (Freddy King)
Mr. King wasn't blind, so he didn't use it as part of his name. This song is an upbeat downer(?)

Mad World (Evergreen Terrace)
Tired of all the lame covers? This band named after the street where the Simpsons live has got it going on.

Comedown (Megabyte)
Every now and then you find yourself a nice cloud and you want to stay on it a while. Like this guy covering the Bush song.

Hear more songs at Playlist.com/MultimediaJones